Brač Orienteereing Championship,

6th to 8th October 2023.



OK Maksimir invites you to:


Three-day event on the beautiful island of Brač.

Run across grazing country, through pine forest and fishing villages.

Complete your experience by exploring the island, enjoying local food

and swimming in the Adriatic sea



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Dear BrOC 2022 participants,

Thank you all for coming to Brač and making it such a great and joyful event! We hope you arrived safely home or to your new destinations.
For us, weeks from competition just flew by. Impressions are still slowly simmering as we sort through photos and videos. So you can relive these few intense days on o-broč youtube channel or our facebook galleries.

The orienteering side of it can be analysed on livelox, so we encourage you to upload your tracks.
Once again we congratulate BrOC 2022 championesses: Mihaela, Sara, Ema, Viktorie, Zdenka Petra, Nikola, Julia, Eva, Jana, Pascale, Galina and Signe and champions: Daniel, Huba, Martin, Botond, Jakov, Corentin, Jan, Branimir, Igor, Juha, Martin, Jeno.

But to all of you who finished or even had a try at those beautiful but tricky terrains, challenging and demanding courses a big WELL DONE! Our aim was, as usual, to combine interesting orienteering with lots of fun in the beautiful, wild nature and picturesque island villages. And judging by your tales, notes and comments we received so far we managed to pull it off once again!

There are more and more orienteers who return to BrOC each year, but also a growing numbers of first-timers. On this 5th edition we had a record: 300 participants. What made us even happier, you came from record number of countries: 21!
Many thanks go to our wonderful supporters: the ladies from the Postira Tourist Board and the lads from the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and all the locals from Gažul, Postira and Dol.

We are so proud of our really small but enthusiastic and engaged Maksimir organising team that gave their all to make it happen: Tome, Lobel, Fabiana, Pero, Mario, Krivi, Mirka, Mirjana, Perica, Gerrit, Kyra, Saša, Vibor, Vittoria, Beatrice, Greta.
They are all eager to see you next year and have started planning BrOC 2023 already!

Dates are October 6th – 8th 2023. More details will be coming in a few months, so stay in touch.
Meanwhile, have lots of nice orienteering experiences, and don’t forget to take one of Dols’ viver with you orienteering!
See you on BrOC 2023!