Höst Öst

Once again island Brač was host to amazing orienteering. On Wednesday, November 6th, small four member crew from OK Maksimir (Zagreb) organized two races as a part of the WWOP Höst Öst Tour led by Peo Bengtsson.
90 orienteers from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, 12 to 88 years old, competed in 4 categories (long, middle male, middle female and short).
Courses were set by Tomislav Kaniški. Pine forest and grazing fields orienteering was held on Orlovice map near old shepherds village Gažul where hearty meal and carob brandy refreshed runners. Urban orienteering challenge was prepared in fishing village Postira with last controls and finish right at coast which propelled many runners to now tradition postorienteering swim.
After emblematic medals from famous white Brač stone were presented to the fastest in each category, very satisfied and marry group sailed from the island.

BrOČ-Host Ost 2019 Results , Routes Middle Sprint and photos