We kindly ask foreign competitors to send us an EU covid pass in advance. This way we can save some time on Saturday morning. Please use the club email: ok.maksimir@gmail.com.Thank you.


GAŽUL - LUNCH OFFER - Long Distance - Saturday
The small shepherd's village Gažul has limited possibilities in restoration services so we ask you to reserve your lunch in advance. Sure you will be hungry after the long distance race!
They offer:Traditional 'peka' (https://croatia.hr/.../gastronomy-and.../peka-baking-lid), that is special roasted veal, lamb, chicken, vegetables, 100 kn per person.
- Homemade prosciutto and Brač cheese, 80 kn portion for two persons.
Reservations by Wednesday 29th of September to: mirjana.horvath@gmail.com
Seosko domaćinstvo "Gažul" Facebook


Another Croatian Championship starts in Selca on Sunday morning. On this occasion it is time for sprint! After rough ground of long distance forest, pawed surfaces of tangled streets will be quite a change. We will see who will excel in finding controls beneath 45 m high steeple of «Brač Cathedral». But afterwards, finding monuments will be easy, since Selca are famous for their abundance. But once again be quick because afternoon is reserved for another sprint in nearby Sumartin. And after that? Most likely bathing in the sea!

You can see more pictures on fb ...


BrOC organisers and course setters are diligently checking terrain and courses. Word from the forest for Saturday race (which is Long Distance National Championship) is that terrain is difficult and it will be very easy to lose map contact. But don’t despair if you spend more time than necessary. You will have more time to enjoy beautiful nature.

You can see more pictures on fb ...


Hotel Pastura from Postira gave us a special price for O-BrOČ 2021
- bed and breakfast: 25 € person/night
- half board: 30 € person/night
- children up to 13 years with one adult in room gratis
- children 13-18 years 50% discount
e-mail: info@hotelpastura.hr
web: www.hotelpastura.hr


Our course setter Mario checked maps and courses for the last few days. You are about to experience demanding orienteering on long distance and fast tricky running in small fisherman villages.


It's exactly three months before the race, spread the word using the flyer.


Last years we showed you some easy areas. It is time to get serious. New area will be more challenging, both technical and physical. After all, long distance demands hard orienteering.
Sunday morning will also give you a new map. Sprint area in village Selca. Made in August last year by Mario. Hopefully, this COVID-19 situation will not stop us from running on that map like last year.