We are happy to present our official O-BrOČ 2019 T-shirt! Competition logo and a design featuring contour lines printed on cotton 150-gram T-shirts. Price: 8 EUR. Pay and collect during competition.

Reserve your own O-BrOČ 2019 T-shirt by sending an order to: Be sure to include your name, club name and the size you require.


You wish to experience something new? Take part in the 3rd World Olive Picking Championship in Postira and have a go at olives!


We are happy  to  announce  that,  not long  after  BrOČ, the same terrains  will be used by participants of 52nd Host-Ost Journey Peo  Benstsson’s World  Wide  Orienteering  Promotion (WWOP).
Of all 19 races this time (25.10. – 10.11.)   in 11 countries, the two Croatian  on  Brač  will  be the  southernmost events!
We  hope  that  we  will “prepare” the terrain for them well,  and  that  this will entice more people form Brač to join us.

Here you can see our new flyer

A new competition website has been set up.
Many thanks to Robert for his help with setting up the web site.