Bilten 2 on Croatian.


Dear competitors,

Due to the overall situation we are forced to organize both sprint races in Postira.
Night sprint will be on the old map, day sprint will be on the new one.

Thanks for understanding.


We extended the applications until Saturday 26.9. at 22.00.


Dear competitors,
Due to the corona situation we had to kick out Saturday afternoon race. So, only 3 races in 3 days. It will give you more time to enjoy Brač island.


Hotel Pastura (www.hotelpastura.hr) from Postira gave us a special price for O-BrOČ 2020

- bed and breakfast: 25 € person/night
- half board: 30 € person/night
- children up to 13 years with one adult in room gratis
- children 13-18 years 50% discount
e-mail: info@hotelpastura.hr
web: www.hotelpastura.hr


Here are our new plans for O-BrOC 2020!

It will still have four races but in three days:

We’ll begin on Friday evening with night sprint in Postira.
Saturday morning is reserved for National Championship in Sprint on a new map in Selca, and afternoon for middle distance on already known map of Gažul.
On Sunday morning another middle distance on a new map in magic dalmatian black pine habitat.

See invitation for more details, follow news and updates on web and Facebook pages.
We’ll keep our fingers crossed that epidemiological situation will improve and that You’ll be able to come and experience this beautiful island and good vibes this race will surely make


Due to the "corona situation" we are forced to make some changes in our plans. O-Broč is shortened to a 3-days competition but we'll keep 4 races. We are planning to start with a night sprint in Postira on Friday.
More info soon.



It’s time for some great New Year decisions now!
- spend more time with your loved ones!
- enjoy life!!
run O-BrOC 2020!!!
whatever You wish for, we hope it will become true.
Have a great year!
See You on Brač in nine months.

By the way - entries are OPEN!


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